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Raindrops will be rare this weekend, only occurring on Saturday. However, you will feel like it wants to rain because of the very heavy air. Southwesterly winds around a Bermuda High will pump out moisture and heat, with Inland Heat Wave No. 4 beginning on Sunday.

Temperatures on Saturday will start in the low to mid 70s. That’s above average for this time of year. The dew points will be right there, very heavy and more like South Carolina than South Jersey. High temperatures will be in the upper 80s inland, ending heat wave #3. The shore will be in the mid 80s

The surface and upper high will be stationed over Bermuda, flexing its muscles a little more westward over time. This will prevent a cold front to our west from moving. On the contrary, it will wring it out of the rain.

The rain should hold on our west for a large part of the day. Between 4 p.m. and 11 p.m., isolated thunderstorms will develop, mostly west of a line from Maurice River to Egg Harbor City and Toms River. The shore may be dry, good news for the Phish concert in Atlantic City.

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But like Friday, when it rains, it can rain. Areas of pavement flooding will be possible.

After 11pm we will become mostly clear. Temperatures will drop into the 80s and 70s. We won’t be sliding into the 70s much, though. Southerly winds and the frizz factor will put a floor on Sunday morning lows, which should only be in the mid-70s.

Sunday will be characterized by the same humidity, but with more heat, thanks to more sunshine. This cold front will die down and be washed away, leaving us with nothing more than a soupy atmosphere and a few clouds.

Heat indices predicted for Sunday afternoon, based on the North American Model (NAM). Triple-digit heat is again expected inland, with a fourth heat wave likely between Sunday and Tuesday.

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So it will be a dry day. Take it easy if you are inland with this heat. The maximum heat index will reach 100 with highs in the mid 90s. The shoreline will benefit from this sea breeze relief during the afternoon. Highs will reach the mid to upper 80s. Look for ocean water temperatures in the lower 60s, due to upwelling.

Sunday evening will be hot to end the weekend. Your evening will be in the 80s. Nighttime will be in the 70s for lows, all under mostly clear skies.

Monday will largely be a repeat of Sunday. With winds a little more westerly, dew points should be closer to the very heavy 70 degree mark, as opposed to the oppressive 75. The inland heat index will peak around 100 with high temperatures in the mid 90s. Even the beaches should be closer to 90 as the sea breeze has a harder time penetrating the shore.

Tuesday will also be in the 90s inland, bringing the fourth heat wave of 2022.

If the heat and humidity aren’t your cup of tea, may I submit next weekend. The Canadian High, with some strength, will set in. We should have high 80s to 85s, dew points in the dry 50s, and plenty of sunshine. Consider this our first little sign of downfall.

Next weekend

Temperatures at the 850 millibar atmospheric pressure layer are above or below average for Saturday August 13th. Cooler air will be present over the weekend, with low dew points.

Joe Martucci

Finally, I followed the Morse family, from Greenwich Township, to get a glimpse of a day in the life of a commercial crabber in Delaware Bay. This is the fifth video episode of “THE SEASON,” which delves into the people, places, and events that keep the coast going during the summer. The shoreline of the bay is just as much the shoreline as the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, and it was a great opportunity to highlight what’s happening in Cumberland County.

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