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DULUTH — Online bidding is open for St. Louis County’s second auction of the year featuring first-time tax-exempt properties available.

Nearly 50 properties are available to bid until 11 a.m. Thursday on publicsurplus.com.

The auction listing includes lots in communities across the county, many of which have been cleaned up and structures razed to the ground. There are homes in Chisholm and Virginia, commercial property in Virginia, and waterfront properties on Ban, Elbow, and Turpela Lakes and the Ash River.

This one-story commercial building previously housed a retail store. It includes eight separate offices, a reception area and more. The starting bid is $16,050.

Contribution / County of St. Louis

The full list of properties, along with a catalog with photos, maps and details about each, including the starting price of the offer, is available online at stlouiscountymn.gov/landsales, or by calling the Land and Minerals Department at 218-726-2606.

Catalogs can also be found at many gas stations, grocery stores, and other businesses in the county.

To be eligible to bid, a person cannot have any outstanding property taxes on property they already own in St. Louis County.

In St. Louis County, there are nearly 900,000 acres of tax-exempt land, which the County Lands and Minerals Department is responsible for managing. Most of the land is maintained for resource management; however, the county also encourages the sale of land that is unsuitable for management in order to encourage development and increase the property tax base.

Outside a house in Chisholm
This two bedroom, one bath home in Chisholm features an unfinished basement and a detached garage. The starting bid is $21,200 (plus a certified appraisal of $59.36 which must be paid at the time of sale).

Contribution / County of St. Louis

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