VoltH2 receives permits for first large-scale green

JERSEY CITY, NJ, October 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via InvestorWire – Vision Hydrogen Corporation (OTCQB: VIHD) (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that VoltH2, a European developer of green hydrogen production infrastructure projects, 15.9% owned by the Company, obtained the construction and environmental permits for the construction of the first large-scale green hydrogen plant in the Benelux region.

Strategically located in the North Sea port of Vlissingen within an industrial cluster, the site is close to existing high-voltage electricity and gas infrastructures as well as major renewable energy production assets for the supply of electrons. green. The 25 MW green hydrogen plant will be able to produce up to 3,500 tonnes of green hydrogen per year and will be scalable up to 100 MW or 14,000 tonnes. The installation will be built next to a connection point allowing direct access to the future European Hydrogen Backbone which is the dedicated hydrogen infrastructure crossing Europe.

In addition, VoltH2 is at an advanced stage of authorization for a second green hydrogen plant in Terneuzen under joint development with Virya Energy. This site will also have an initial capacity of 3,500 tonnes of hydrogen per year and will be scalable up to 75 MW or 10,500 tonnes. VoltH2 is also actively developing additional sites in Belgium, France and Germany. VoltH2 commissioned Sweco’s main engineering company to design the first green hydrogen plants in Vlissingen and Terneuzen, which will include dedicated hydrogen storage and access to multimodal transport systems to support distribution.

Jo-Annes de Bat, Provincial Executive of Zeeland commented: “The VoltH2 projects for two hydrogen electrolyzers in Vlissingen and Terneuzen are a good example of how we want to lead the way with green hydrogen in the province of Zeeland. This is a great initiative that shows how we can combine the sustainability of industry and transportation with the significant supply of sustainable electricity in the province, which is a big step forward in the short term.

On Hydrogen Vision:

Vision Hydrogen Corporation is focused on the production of hydrogen for transportation and power needs, with the goal of contributing to a clean energy environment. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality hydrogen production, storage and distribution services for the hydrogen economy supply chain, serving the residential, commercial and government sectors.


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