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A shipment of medical supplies is on its way to Ukraine from the vineyard thanks to a collaboration this week between Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and a West Tisbury resident and Ukrainian-American who has family in the war-torn country.

Boxes containing hundreds of supplies such as tourniquets, compression bandages and neck braces were loaded at the local hospital to be transported to New Jersey and then flown to Ukraine, the hospital said in a communicated.

The effort began a few weeks ago, according to the announcement, when Iya Labunka contacted the hospital’s president and CEO, Denise Schepici, to ask for the hospital’s help by making a donation to support the hospital. ‘Ukraine.

Hospital workers Sophia Mastey, Eric Goldwire and Karen Schoppe helped Ms Labunka complete the request for priority items, according to the announcement.

Then, with the help of Renée Stempien of Cape Cod Express, the initial shipment was transported off the island before being taken to a distribution center in New Jersey.

In the statement, Ms. Schepici praised the effort, especially Ms. Labunka.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past two years, it’s that our community can do great things when we work together, and it’s no different,” she said. said, “giving us the opportunity to meet the needs in Ukraine from our little corner of the world.”

Ms. Labunka thanked the hospital in turn.

“The island has shown tremendous support for the incredibly brave men and women of Ukraine,” she said.

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