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New restaurants continue to open. Among the latest batch are a Galician restaurant turned into an all-day restaurant and a general store, Israeli-Mediterranean cuisine with lots of “chutzpah”, a babka and sweets with ready-made treats and a burger joint opened by a YouTube sensation.

Here’s your info on 8 new restaurants in North Jersey.

Snackeria, Cliffside Park

Bodegon, Alex Piñeiro’s delicious tribute to the culinary traditions of Galicia, Spain, the region where his parents are from, has been transformed into Snackeria, an all-day restaurant and general store. Piñeiro’s best sellers can be found on Snackeria’s menu, including ham croquetas, fried calamari rings, pan-fried homemade chicken chorizo, and patatas bravas, fries in a spicy tomato sauce. You can enjoy meals — and drinks (Bodegon has a full-service bar) — in its quaint dining room or take home. Says Piñeiro, “Snackeria takes popular menu items from Bodegón and brings them to an all-day restaurant and general store. We have noticed such demand for our wines and products. are suitable.”

Among the items you can take home are the restaurant’s salad dressing, hot sauce and mini pork chorizo ​​links as well as cocktails. Highly recommend: Negroni coffee, an ingenious take on our favorite cocktail.

Go: 631 Anderson Ave, Cliffside Park; 856-521-9135, no website.

Stack Creamery, Morristown

Two years ago, Mohamed Elnakib and his two brothers opened their first Stack Creamery, an ice cream shop specializing in ice cream cookie sandwiches, in Westwood. They then opened another in Jersey City and now they have a third – in Morristown.

Everything in the shop is homemade: ice cream and cookies. Ice cream flavors offered include Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel, Candy Cake Batter, Vanilla Peanut Butter Swirl, and Mint Chocolate Chip; cookie choices include chocolate chip, chocolate death, snickerdoodle, and sugar cookie.

Customers design their own ice cream sandwich by choosing each component: top cookie, bottom cookie, ice cream flavor and a topping.

“We have tons of toppings,” said Kajal Sukhadia, a member of staff at the Morristown site. Among the toppings: Oreo cookies, fruity pebbles, brownie crumbs, mini chocolate chips and caramel drizzle.

New on the menu, the glazed donuts stuffed with ice cream. The donuts are halved, stuffed with your choice of ice cream, glazed and then put through a heat press, making it both a hot and cold treat.

Each month the shop offers a “flavor of the month”. For the month of September, it’s dulce de leche churro.

Go: 48 Washington Street, Morristown; 973-343-5670,

The metro on Washington Avenue in Tenafly is no more. In its place is Café Trois, a French bakery and brunch spot that opened last month. It joins two other Café Three outposts, one at Northvale, the other at Fort Lee.

Although the restaurant is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., it is primarily a brunch spot, manager Rebekah Kim said. From its opening time until 14:00 it offers hot dishes.; after that it serves salads, cakes and sandwiches. Early breakfast/lunch offerings include omelettes, French toast, croque Madame, and French onion soup. There are a number of avocado toast dishes, including the all-new Cafe Trois, Shrimp Avocado Pesto Toast. “It’s already a big seller,” she said.

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To quench your thirst, the cafe offers a variety of coffee and tea drinks that can be made cold, Kim said. New on the menu: a honey and lavender latte with a hint of honey and lavender syrup.

The café, open every day, has around 33 seats.

Go: 20 Washington Street, Tenafly; 201-897-1739,

Sam’s Bar & Grill, Ringwood

Shil (aka Sam) Patel sold Cupsaw Market, his pizzeria and deli in Ringwood, earlier this year to open a restaurant and bar in town that had been inactive for four years. “I thought, how hard could it be after eating a pizza and a deli?” he said. And replied: “It was really hard.”

Still, he gave, he says, “my best,” and on September 26 he plans to “softly” open the door to his sprawling 300-seat restaurant and bar dubbed Sam’s Bar & Grill. In mid-October, he plans to have a grand opening with, if all the stars line up perfectly, actor Kelsey Grammer pouring his Faith American beers behind the bar. “He did it to Brick,” Patel said.

Sam’s Bar & Grill has 24 beer lines and nine TV screens plus a giant projector, all for watching sports. As for meals, Executive Chef Johan Schafer, who had worked at BLT Prime and BLT Steak in New York, offers steaks, burgers, pork wings and other American comfort food as well as Indian and /or Indian flavors in deference to Patel’s. heritage (his parents were born in India), including Indian Cheesesteak, Indian Chicken Wings and Indian Bombay Club Sandwich.

Go: 15 Greenwood Lake Turnpike, Ringwood; 973-520-SAMS, no website.

Chutzpah Kitchen, Westfield

Israeli-born chef Sagi Ohayon says he’s put a lot of love into his new and second location Chutzpah Kitchen; his first is at Maplewood. Love and “chutzpah”, the Yiddish word for courage and daring.

So, showing true Israeli sass, he adds nigella seeds to his coleslaw, fire-roasted beets to his labneh and amba (tangy mango pickle condiment) to his chicken shawarma. . It offers a slew of homemade hummus bowls, including one topped with cauliflower shawarma. Its best-selling homemade falafel is served with tahina and amba.

Ohayon, who has been in the restaurant business since he was 12 and has owned and operated New York’s Cafe Delectrica since 2008, said he built his second Chutzpah kitchen from the ground up, installing as close as possible the kitchen of his dreams. It includes a taboon oven so it can roast a rotating list of farm-fresh vegetables and specialty breads. It also has an authentic shawarma spit. The open kitchen sits in a 1,550 square foot space that includes a high counter on one wall. “There are no seats at the counter,” Ohayon said. “You’re up. That’s how you eat falafel, it’s no business to sit down.”

Go: 1138 E. Broad St., Westfield;

Q-Ba Restaurant & Lounge, Passaic

For 42 years, the Gonzalez family, originally from Cuba, ran El Sol de Cuba, a beloved Cuban restaurant on Passaic and 3rd Streets. Patriarch and founder Alberto Gonzalez died in 2013 at the age of 85, and his son, Raymond, maintained the family business for five years before closing its doors in 2018.

Now the restaurant is back, renamed Q-Ba Restaurant and Lounge, and run by Raymond. It is located on Main Avenue, approximately 1 1/2 miles from its original location.

The new space, which includes a full-service bar with, according to Raymond, “every liquor you can think of and every wine to suit every taste and pocket,” seats about 75 people comfortably and serves, Raymond said. , “authentic Cuban cuisine.”

“I know many restaurants are waving the flag for authentic Cuban cuisine,” he said. “But ours is truly Cuban. It’s our story.”

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All sauces are homemade, according to Alberto’s recipes, Raymond said. Some of the traditional Cuban dishes served include white rice and black beans, ropa vieja (shredded beef stew), Cuban sandwiches, lechon asodo (roasted pork), cassava fries and flan. Also on the menu: Angus beef and New York strip loin, shrimp in marinara sauce, Seville Spanish sausage and corvina fillet served with a homemade garlic sauce and accompanied by white rice. And of course the mojitos — raspberry, coconut, mango and passion fruit — from the bar. There is even a mojito flight available.

“Our customers love the space and the decor,” Raymond said. “What I love about this space is that it’s so central, close to Route 3 and has enough parking for 36 cars.”

Go: 119 Main Avenue, Passaic; 973-323-9609,

MrBeast Burgers, East Rutherfod

YouTube personality MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, recently opened MrBeast Burgers, his first physical restaurant, on the third floor of the American Dream Mall. Until now, MrBeast burgers have been available in Ghost Kitchens for delivery or pickup. You can now enjoy two burger options at the new restaurant: Beast Style or Chandler Style. The burgers are thin, smash-shaped patties topped with American cheese. The Beast Style adds pickles, sliced ​​white onions, mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard. Fries are also available.

Go: 1 American Dream Way, East Rutherford; 833-263-7326,

Babka Bailout & Boomerang Bites, Jersey City

Two enterprising Hoboken moms who sold their treats online and in gourmet stores have banded together to open a brick-and-mortar store in Jersey City.

Israeli-born Michal Prevor, founder of Babka Bailout, sold her creative babkas in a dozen stores and online nationwide, while Australian-born Andrea Rizvi, founder of Boomerang Bites, sold her Aussie treats online, at local markets and at independent cafes in the metropolitan area. Now their goodies are also sold in a store on Central Avenue.

“It’s a huge monetary investment to build a space,” Prevor said. “It’s easier if you split the expenses. We’re a company that supports women.”

In addition to traditional cinnamon and chocolate, Prevor offers a variety of flavored babkas, including grain milk, brie and guava, salty za’atar and feta, ube (a purple yam) and Nutella and Oreo. “We crumble Oreo cookies, spread Nutella, add tons of Oreos,” Prevor said. “Customers said it was like crack.” Namely, addictive.

Rizvi makes a number of Australian “sliced” treats (known here as cookie bars or sheet cakes) that come in a variety of sublime flavors ranging from salted chocolate caramel, to coconut to the raspberry, through the pecan nuts. There’s a bite-sized treat called Hedgehog, a gooey mix of crushed butter cookies, coconut and cocoa, topped with a layer of velvety milk chocolate. There are also options for those who are gluten-free.

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The shop is open from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Wednesday to Friday.

Go: 476 Central Avenue A, Jersey City; 917-304-4929, no website.


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