NJ recently issued at least 121 noise violations — some tied to booming parties impacting Staten Island

STATEN ISLAND, NY — The City of Elizabeth recently issued 121 summonses for violating the state’s noise ordinance, according to a report in NJ.com, SILive.com’s sister publication.

And a good number of those violations are attributed to “boom parties,” which Staten Islanders say keep them up at night.

Elizabeth’s elected officials have not denied that “boom parties” in the Garden State are impacting the quality of life for residents of Staten Island, particularly in and around Westerleigh.

New Jersey officials also said they are aware of the nighttime headaches “boom” parties are causing for the Staten Islanders, after facing a similar situation in 2018. But New Jersey officials also said that they had a difficult problem. time to hunt down the parties and shut them down for good.

Local elected officials signed a letter to Elizabeth Mayor Christian Bollwage in August asking for help in resolving the issue, and said they were encouraged to have received a quick response promising action.

Bollwage, through his spokeswoman Ruby Contreras, said the city would also cooperate with Staten Island authorities, but did not specify how, according to the NJ.com report.


Contreras told NJ.com that the city of Elizabeth had issued 121 noise ordinance violation summonses prior to the letter from Staten Island officials, according to the report, however, she could not say how many of those summonses were specific to boom parties.

And she couldn’t say how many noise violation summonses had been issued since the August letter.

Inquiries to Bollwage’s office and the Elizabeth Police Department were not immediately returned.

“While we recognize that the Elizabeth Police Department has made efforts to resolve this issue to date, they have unfortunately been unsuccessful,” said District Attorney Michael McMahon, one of the officials in charge of the borough who signed the letter to Bollwage. “We must urge you and them to do more to end this scourge.”

McMahon continued, “We sincerely wish we had the legal authority to resolve this issue, but unfortunately we are not. The responsibility to end these parties once and for all rests with local and state authorities in New Jersey and will raise this matter to higher authorities if Elizabeth officials continue to prove unable to resolve this issue on their own.


A recently redeveloped seafront off the High Street in Perth Amboy is just as noisy as parts of Elizabeth, residents said, according to the report.

“It can happen at any time of the night, nine, ten or one in the morning,” said a Staten Island resident, who asked that her name not be used. “The same people, and the same disjointed sounds. All of a sudden, you will be jolted out of bed.

Perth Amboy Police told NJ Advance Media they have responded to a warehouse four times since August 31. They interrupted a party and wrote summons three times. However, there was no one there during the fourth visit on September 14, according to the report.

Perth Amboy spokeswoman Lisett Lebron said police were talking to property owner Duke Realty about improving security. “Our office will be contacting owners to identify what measures they have in place against vehicle trespassing,” she said, according to the report.


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