Mayor Fulop, Assemblyman Mukherji and JCHA announce the addition of new public housing in Jersey City for the first time in 40 years

Mayor Fulop, Assemblyman Mukherji and JCHA announce the addition of new public housing in Jersey City for the first time in 40 years

Acquisition will convert the Bergen-Lafayette building into affordable 100% JCHA units

Increasing affordability through latest efforts to add quality affordable housing opportunities for low-income residents

JERSEY CITY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop joined MP Raj Mukherji, the Jersey City Housing Authority (JCHA), and the Community Development Division (DCD) to announce the acquisition of a 40-unit building on MLK Drive that will be converted into 100% affordable JCHA units. The acquisition creates 30 new social housing units and also preserves 10 additional affordable units that are about to expire. Despite the nationwide public housing shortage, Jersey City is adding a new property to the municipal public housing inventory for the first time since 1983.

Located in the heart of the city’s Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood at 450 Martin Luther King Drive, Jersey City’s newest public housing building dramatically expands affordable housing options for families most in need with government-subsidized public housing federal government that will reduce their rents based on income (no more than 30 percent). The resolution for an allocation of $215,000 from the DCD-managed Affordable Housing Trust Fund to support the JCHA acquisition was passed unanimously by City Council this month.

“This acquisition will have a significant positive impact on the property, helping countless residents for decades to come,” said Mayor Fulop. “To start, we are creating 30 additional affordable social housing units to provide to our low-income families. Second, it will increase residents’ access to community services. Third, it will improve site-wide operations. Finally, it will reduce the amount of rent that social housing tenants have to pay so that they can live in a quality home that they otherwise could not afford for their families.

This latest announcement builds on several major policy changes Mayor Fulop has implemented over the past year to increase affordable housing opportunities for residents in need. Just three months ago, the affordable housing overlay was created to build on the inclusive zoning ordinance, to encourage and develop affordable housing throughout the city.

The Fulop administration’s strict rent control laws, decontrol of vacant units, strong databases of affordable units, and critical inclusionary zoning laws are all part of a larger solution to ensure the affordability and quality of life for all residents, regardless of income.

Additionally, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Fulop and JCHA announced a multidisciplinary approach that is reimagining public housing to include affordable homeownership opportunities while preserving public housing, becoming a regional model of what innovative public housing initiatives can achieve. .

Located in the heart of the city’s Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood at 450 Martin Luther King Drive, the acquisition of Webb Apartments demonstrates the Fulop administration’s unwavering commitment to improving affordability and prioritizing residents’ needs.

“Housing is a human right. Leveraging federal dollars through this expansion of the city’s public housing stock and permanently dedicating these affordable units is another example of the Fulop administration’s commitment to ending homelessness in Jersey City. “, said State Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, who served as JCHA President for 14 years. “As our city continues to grow, the need for affordable housing options for our families will also increase.

“Together, JCHA and the city have found a way to create new public housing, which will keep Webb affordable in perpetuity with investment from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and JCHA using its authority under the Faircloth Amendment to convert units. The exciting news here is that we are adding more social housing for the first time in several decades, which is particularly critical in the context of the growing need for quality and affordable housing as families across the country struggle to overcome hardship. unprecedented economies,” said Vivian Brady-Phillips, JCHA Director.

The mid-rise apartment building contains 1-3 bedroom apartments and substantial community space with a separate entrance from Oak Street. Additionally, the street level features 6,200 square feet of retail space with separate storefront entrances along MLK Drive.

To fully acquire the building and convert the units into additional public housing, JCHA is partnering with Jersey City’s Division of Community Development (DCD), which will allocate $215,000 in affordable housing trust funds to convert 30 of the 40 units in federally subsidized public housing. housing and maintain their affordability in perpetuity. The remaining 10 units, which were subsidized with federal HOME funds during construction, will be converted to public housing at the end of the HOME compliance period. This preserves affordable units rather than becoming eligible at the market rate. The city and JCHA expect the NJ Home Mortgage Finance Agency and HUD to approve the acquisition and conversion in the coming weeks.

“DCD has agreed to provide the financing necessary to make this dream a reality for the community by providing 5% of the project cost to acquire the property. We hope that decision makers from other entities will see our commitment to collaborate so that they too can achieve similar results, improving the quality of life for all residents of our region,” added Deja Anderson, director of the DCD.

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