City Council Budget Priorities

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Island hours:

At the mayor,
I appreciate you asking for community feedback on next year’s budget priorities. My primary concerns relate to public safety and the strength of our community:
The NSPD needs resources to improve policing of violations of laws governing alcohol consumption, parking and traffic hazards (speeding, ignoring stop signs and weaving mopeds, cycles and scooters around moving automobiles).
The medical center and rescue team are overwhelmed with demand, much of it after hours and non-emergency. Paramedics should be paid and a triage system should be in place so that medical providers are not constantly called at all hours of the night for non-essential services.
Housing is also a problem, but in the longer term. My priority is workforce housing for year-round residents. To be a strong community, essential workers must be able to live here year-round. The city and housing council are watching and grant funding opportunities are being explored. I don’t know if there is an immediate budgetary need here. Do companies provide sufficient accommodation for their part-time seasonal employees?
Our city has invested heavily in all of these priorities for many years. The overriding imperative now is to increase this funding without continuing to drain residential owners to provide tourism-related services that primarily benefit commercial owners. We have subsidized tourism to the extreme, which is now ruining our city. Please give the highest priority to revamping our tax structure so that business interests pay a more appropriate share of the costly services we provide to their customers.

Kay Lewis
Off Cooneymus Road

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