Chief Minister confident in fuel supply

Image: PA (31769248)

Seeking to reassure islanders about energy supplies following problems with gasoline and oil supplies in the UK, Senator Le Fondré said the island’s supplies of gasoline, diesel, fuel oil and gas were secure.

He added that talks with Jersey Gas had reassured further price increases, after the 13.2% increase announced last week. “We have been informed that the measures put in place by Jersey Gas are sufficient to address the instability of world prices, without any further increase.”

While the chief minister said the government knew that “the most vulnerable domestic gas customers may need additional support,” no details on the nature of the support have been announced.

The Jersey government maintains what it called a “constructive dialogue” with the island’s energy suppliers and Senator Le Fondré has stressed that supply problems in the UK do not apply to Jersey.

“The island recently received a delivery of petrol, diesel and fuel oil, our storage facilities are full and no issues are expected with scheduled deliveries from the UK or Europe. We have locally employed delivery drivers, good succession planning in place and we do not anticipate any disruption in supply.

“And, of course, our electricity is supplied via submarine connectors from France. This service is supported by a long-term contract with EDF and we do not anticipate any interruption of supply, ”he said.

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